Custom Replacement Tub in Mayville, WI

Custom Replacement Tub in Mayville, WI

Our Sidex crew recently tackled a job involving a custom replacement tub in Mayville Wisconsin for the Jones family. The Jones family wanted to extend the size of their tub to utilize the space they have for more relaxing baths. Going from a 5ft cast iron tub to a 5 and a half ft acrylic tub and wall system. Our team also installed a recessed light in the wet area. Our Sidex crew also moved the plumbing back to accommodate the new size tub.

Description of Custom Replacement Tub in Mayville, WI

  • Demolition: The first step involves removing the existing tub surround, fixtures, drywall including ceiling, and demo out the current tub. We also had to remove the side wall to make it smaller for the bigger tub.
  • Framing: The ceiling and side wall has to be framed out for new drywall, new light, and new wall
  • Plumbing adjustments: The drain, overflow, and water lines have to be relocated to accommodate the new tub.
  • Installation of tub: The new tub is installed, making sure that the floor is leveled and is secured properly to the floor/walls.
  • Install: new recessed light and all new drywall in the wet area
  • Acrylic Wall Installation: The walls come in big panels that are cut to size to fit perfectly for each side which at the end is sealed creating a water proof barrier and a finished look.
  • Fixture installation: The shelves, grab bars, trim kit, and shower head are installed
  • Cleaning and finishing steps: Cleaning the walls and tub to make sure when you seal everything it is a clean look. Sealing all gaps and joints with caulk is to prevent any water leakage.

Details of Project

  • Plastic walls and cast iron tub removed
  • Acrylic custom sized tub installed
  • Matte black Moen fixtures
  • Smooth Roman Stone Acrylic walls

Photos of Custom Replacement Tub

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