Walk-In Shower Replacement In Adell, WI

Walk-In Shower Replacement In Adell

Our team at SiDEX recently did a project involving a walk-in shower replacement in Adell, WI for a client. The clients old shower unit was too small and unsightly, the client had called our team at SiDEX because we had the best price and highly rated service around.

Walk-In Shower Replacement In Adell, WI Process:

  1. Preparation: Turn off water supply and remove fixtures attached to the old unit.
  2. Demolition: Carefully remove the old fiberglass unit, ensuring not to damage plumbing or surrounding walls.
  3. Inspecting: Assess the condition of plumbing and framing. Make necessary repairs or upgrades.
  4. Measuring: Measure the space accurately to fit the new acrylic custom system.
  5. Customization: Order a custom acrylic system tailored to the dimensions and specifications of the space.
  6. Installation: Follow manufacturer's instructions to install the new acrylic system, including plumbing connections and sealing joints.
  7. Finishing touches: Install additional fixtures like doors or shelves.
  8. Cleanup: Dispose of old unit and clean up debris.
  9. Final inspection: Check for leaks or issues. Make adjustments as needed.
  10. Enjoy: Once everything is in place and functioning properly, enjoy your new acrylic custom shower system.

Items on job:

  • Matte Black Moen Fixtures
  • Custom white shower pan
  • Silver white walls
  • Dual Moen shower head.

"Steve did an amazing job with our bathroom shower installation. He certainly knows what’s his doing got everything done leaving our bathroom shower looking fabulous and outstanding thank you Steve!!!"

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