Tub To Shower Conversion In Cudahy, WI

Tub To Shower Conversion In Cudahy, WI

Our team at SiDEX recently did a tub to shower conversion in Cudahy, WI, we replaced a very unique bathtub and converted it into a beautiful new walk-in shower. The old tub was oddly shaped and the plumbing wasn’t working. Brad tried several outlets and every company he talked to said they couldn’t help him unless they remodeled the entire bathroom and changed the space. Luckily, Brad found us and we were able to convert his space without throwing a grenade in the bathroom and redoing everything. Replacing an old cast iron tub with an acrylic shower involves several steps. Here’s a brief overview of the process:

Prepare the Area

  • Started the shower conversion in Cudahy, WI by removing any accessories, such as shower curtains, and clear the area around the tub.
  • Turn off water supply to the bathroom and disconnect plumbing fixtures.


  • Remove tiles or surround materials around the tub.
  • Using appropriate tools, disconnect and remove the old cast iron tub. This may involve cutting the tub into manageable pieces for easier removal.

Inspect and Prepare Subfloor

  • Inspect the subfloor for damage and make any necessary repairs.
  • Ensure the floor is level and ready to support the new shower base.

Install Shower Base

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the acrylic shower base.
  • Ensure the base is level and properly supported.

Connect Plumbing

  • Connect the shower drain to the existing plumbing.
  • Check for any leaks and make adjustments as needed.

Install Wall Surround

  • Install the acrylic wall surround or tiles around the shower area.
  • Seal joints and corners with waterproof caulk.

Install Shower Fixtures

  • Install the showerhead, faucets, and any other fixtures according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Seal Edges

  • Apply a waterproof sealant around the edges of the shower base and where the surround meets the walls.

Test for Leaks

  • Turn on the water supply and thoroughly test the shower for any leaks.
  • Check that the drainage is functioning properly.

Clean Up

  • To finish out the tub to shower conversion in Cudahy, WI we disposed of the old cast iron tub and any debris responsibly.
  • Clean the work area to ensure a neat finish.

Details of The Tub To Shower Conversion In Cudahy, WI Project

• Old cast iron tub removed
• New shower pan and surround installed (12×12 slate)
• New Moen Fixture

“Throughout the process, SiDEX maintained excellent communication, addressing any questions or concerns promptly. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident at every stage, making the entire experience stress-free. If you’re considering a bathroom upgrade that involves replacing an odd-shaped tub with a custom shower pan and acrylic walls, I highly recommend SiDEX. Their expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering a top-notch result have truly exceeded my expectations.”
~Mr. Temkin

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