Shower To Tub Conversion In Theinsville, WI

Our team at SiDEX recently did a shower to tub conversion in Theinsville, WI for the Threemey’s. The Threemey family wanted to get their walk in shower removed and a bathtub put in for their newborn daughter. Converting a walk-in shower to a tub with acrylic walls is a common remodeling project. However, discovering a lot of mold during the process can complicate the renovation. Here’s a description of the conversion process.

Process Of Shower To Tub Conversion In Theinsville, WI

  • Demolition: The first step involves removing the existing walk-in shower components, including the shower base, walls, and any fixtures.
  • Plumbing Adjustment: If the new tub has a different layout or size, plumbing adjustments may be necessary. This includes relocating or modifying the drain and water supply lines.
  • Installation of Tub: The new tub is installed, ensuring it fits properly and is level. This may involve securing it to the floor or wall studs.
  • Acrylic Wall Installation: Acrylic walls are a popular choice for their durability and ease of maintenance. The walls are typically installed in large panels, creating a seamless and watertight enclosure.
  • Fixtures Installation: Faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures are installed according to the new tub configuration.
  • Sealing and Finishing: Sealing gaps and joints with appropriate materials to prevent water leakage is crucial. The finishing touches, such as caulking and trim installation, complete the conversion.

Details of Project

  • Fiberglass Shower Removed
  • Acrylic Custom Bathtub Replaced
  • Matte Black Moen Fixtures
  • Smooth White Acrylic Walls

I worked with the team at SiDEX on a bath remodel for my home. Put simply, they were incredible. From the initial meeting to the finished product the team was informative and above-board about options, pricing, expectations, and everything in between. I felt like I could trust their expert recommendations and leaned on them in the decision making process. The initial meeting did not feel like a sales pitch whatsoever. Before reaching out to SiDEX, I had met with other companies about my remodel and felt dissatisfied with the initial consults. Conversely, the SiDEX meeting felt much more collaborative and did not feel “salesy” in the slightest. Once the products arrived, the team was extremely efficient and completed the remodel in one day! Most importantly, the quality of the finished product was exactly as promised and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend SiDEX and will certainly work with them again.

~Harold Threemey

Photos Of Shower To Tub Conversion In Theinsville, WI

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